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Love Gone

The benevolent souls I once knew and adored Have twisted into something born of malevolence Where has their love gone?

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Feline Friday #38 – A Poem for the Kitties I Adore!

Sprawling whiskers flare Around a coat of sleek fur Fluffy ears perk up Tiny toe beans trot about Just a few things I adore


Take a Cue From a Cat?

Check out this amazing post! It’s so fun and clever; I really enjoyed reading it! It was also inspired by my Feline Friday post from last week. Read on, and remember to take a cue from the cats! 😸

The Mysterious Blogger

Inspired by Introverted Creativity

With everything going on in the world right now, things have been very stressful and anxiety-inducing for most of us. Those negative emotions can build up and build up, to the point they impact our mental health and quality of life. As such, we need to pay more attention to our mental, emotional, and physical health than ever before.…..

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From this cat

Maybe, from even this cat

But surely not this or that cat!

Remember, tis better to take a ‘Cue from a Cat‘ than to take it from a Q-tip any day! Especially if you have earwax.

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Twitter Poll for CIB Sunday

I've been thinking about some things in relation to my CIB Sunday feature here on the blog. To that end, I made a Twitter poll asking if people would also be interested in seeing Xbox One and PlayStation 4 video games, even though they often include less materials (they typically don't have instruction booklets, extra manuals, etc.). I'll have the link to the Twitter poll included below, and if you don't have Twitter, I'm going to include a poll here on WordPress as well. It would really help me out if you vote, and I'd appreciate it so much. Thank you!